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Document Management

Gone are the rows upon rows of file cabinets

Digitally Store, Manage, and Track Electronic Documents

Document management is simply how your organization stores, manages and tracks its electronic documents. It can be as simple as a standard folder structure or as complicated as a document workflow across multiple departments with hundred of actions and automated logic. But not to worry, Prizm has your needs covered at either end of the spectrum.

Industries Served

Enterprise Business
Small Business


The first piece of the puzzle is always capturing the right info.  Typically this includes an mfp scanner, a web form, or another way of capturing raw data.  A proper document management solution will be able to read in data fields that are relevant later in the process and “index” them.


Based on these indexes or another form of input, the system should be able to apply some logic.  Who needs to see the document next? Am I missing critical info? Was the form done correctly?


Documents should move seamlessly across an organization.  Based on user input, ordering, accounting or even hr workflows can be built to move information around your company to get the job done quickly and efficiently.

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Webroot is our Antivirus of choice after years of industry leading awards and a heuristic analysis process among the best in the world. And with cloud scanning and real time alerts, any trouble is managed quickly.

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