Buffalo’s Mohawk Place Concert Hall

Buffalo’s Mohawk Place Concert Hall, located at 601 Main Street, has long been considered one of the best concert venues in all of Buffalo. With its distinctive octagonal shape and many beautiful wooden buildings surrounding it, you’ll find yourself looking out over the city’s iconic Niagara River. The Concert Hall is an actual “place” that can be found on Google Maps, rather than a building or structure – so get ready to explore your new favorite place to see music! The best way to experience a live concert in Buffalo? Get your ticket as soon as possible and don’t worry about trying to pry them away from the excitedly dancing crowds. You won’t be sorry if you choose Mohawk Place for your next concert experience! To help you plan the perfect night out with the people you love (or even friends who aren’t into concerts), here are our top tips for getting the most out of your visit to Buffalo’s Mohawk Place Concert Hall:

If you’re going to see a concert, you might as well be there when the doors are open and the audience is dancing! Get there as early as possible to avoid crowding and waiting. If you don’t head to the concert until later in the day, you’ll have a much harder time avoiding the crowds. Make sure to get there early so you can secure a good seat.

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If you’re going to be at a concert all day, you’ll be glad to know that blankets are allowed. Bring your blankets with you when you go to the hall, and switch them out for the at-concert blanket that’s provided for you after the show. It’ll be way easier to stay warm and cozy on those chilly winter nights when you don’t have to worry about the cold building up from the rain or snow!

Even if you aren’t a fan of concerts, you’ll love visiting Buffalo’s Mohawk Place Concert Hall after the show. They have many beautiful rooms for you to check out after the concert, and it’s often possible to catch the band performing in a different room. Once you’ve gotten the chance to look around and take in the decorations, head back to the room where the concert was held and say hello to your favorite artist. You can usually catch these artists doing encores after their set, so it’s usually a good idea to ask them to sit down while they’re still able to properly perform.

With all the cute decorations and lovely lighting, you’ll probably want to stay a little longer after the main show. Visiting the art gallery, the meeting space or just wandering around the building will probably make you feel much more satisfied than just going to the concert! Once you’ve given the concert a shot and seen what this great city has to offer, head to Mohawk Place Concert Hall after the show. You’ll be glad you did!

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