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Document Management


Prizm uses IntelliCloud for cloud computing solutions for small and medium businesses. IntelliCloud’s system is easily broken down into four main categories for ease of use: capture, gateway, storage, and desktop.



IntelliCloud enables all network-scan capable multifunction devices to route documents directly to IntelliCloud.  Customized scan-to-network soft-key route directly to gateway, and department specific soft-keys send documents to unique workflows.  IntelliCloud also features optimal image processing, analysis, and data extraction.  The single-function EMC ISIS has support for over 450+ scanners.  Plus, IntelliCloud is easy to install and use.



IntelliCloud is powered by Intel NUC mini-computer which securely routes encrypted documents to storage.  A single Gateway can support hundreds of single and multifunction devices.  IntelliCloud also offers optional support for all other data streams such as ERP information and fax streams.  Additionally, it provides a platform for future value, added solutions, and services such as security and management.



IntelliCloud provides an outlet to store documents and data in a vastly more secure way than local storage. With IntelliCloud you also receive comprehensive data backup protection and the option of local, on-premise available storage.  IntelliCloud’s certifications include SAE-16, PCI, HIPPAA, and SOX.  



IntelliCloud provides a Windows application with unlimited downloads and installations. Access your secured documents in the office and on-the-go.  IntelliCloud has over 50 pre-configured industry solutions ready for deployment.  All features are standard: workflow, ERP connectors, and web services API.  The AuditShield feature supports compliance and audit-readiness by identifying missing documents, so you can stay organized.

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